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Did you know, 80% of your vision is responsible for telling your body what your next move should be on the court or field?

Sports Vision, also known as High Performance Vision is strength and conditioning yasmeen1for your eyes, teaming up with your brain to enhance your athletic abilities and your overall game play.

A comprehensive visual assessment is done to identify any limitations to play and any opportunities for enhancement.

We will evaluate over 20 visual functions and identify areas that can be enhanced. These areas include:

  • Visual Clarity: see details at a distance
  • Contrast Sensitivity: see the ball in different lighting/background
  • Depth Perception:¬†judge depth information
  • Accommodation: changing focus from far to near
  • Reaction Time: hand reaction to a visual signal
  • Multiple Object Tracking: track objects moving in space
  • Target Capture: sarah1rapidly shift and recognize peripheral targets
  • Eye Hand Coordination: hand responses to changing targets
  • Go/No Go: making decisions and reactions in pressure situations

Customized programs tailored to your needs will be implemented to improve critical, sport specific visual skills; along with HD protective lenses, protective eyewear, and contact lenses to maximize your vision.

Be the first to experience what Lebron James and athletes of his caliber, across all sports have done to enhance their vision, and dominate their performance in their sport.